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Organic Protein Powder

All organic protein powder is derived from some whole food.  No matter if it is whey, egg, hemp, rice, soy or any other option out there the end format of protein powder started from elsewhere.  So if you want to know that your protein source is truly organic you have to go back to the origins.  Here is what to check out:

Read Organic Protein Powder Labels Carefully

You can fairly easily identify the word organic on a food label and producers are quick to use the term in anyway that they can, as organic is a desirable option for many consumers. The key is however to ascertain if the entire product is organic or just one or more of its components.  Understanding how to read protein powder labels and the ingredient list is key to buying a product that you and your body will be happy with.

Get to Know Organic and Food Standards

Organic standards are managed by independent food regulating bodies.  Each of these regulatory bodies has their own unique way that they classify a food organic or not.  So if you don’t know these standards you can’t be sure about what you are getting.  Go with the most trusted and influential regulators out there.  They are more likely to have the most stringent standards.

Understand Your Particular Protein

Protein is the name for one of our major body building blocks.  We need protein, its what our bodies are made of.  That being said it can come from a great many places.  Some of the most common places that protein for protein powders is found are dairy and grains.  Meat is, for, obvious reasons, not the best source for protein powders.  Beefsteak shake anyone?

Sources of Protein Powder

The main protein powder sources are whey (made from milk), eggs, rice, hemp and soy.  There are some others out there but these main five sources dominate the market.  Once you are clear about where your protein is coming from it is much easier to understand if its source is managed in a healthful way or otherwise.

Whey – Whey is derived from milk.  To ensure that you are getting organic whey protein powder you are going to want to verify that the cows that are producing your milk are grass fed and hormone free.  No antibiotics being pumped into them or pesticides on their grass.

You may also want to look to see where the whey protein is produced. Many countries have different standards for milk production. New Zealand, for example, is known for having some of the best milk around. Grass fed and hormone free is common there vs. the grain and hormone fed cows of the west.

Eggs – Eggs just like you buy at the grocery store can be found from chickens that are in cages, eat of conveyor belts and never move or from chickens that wonder around pecking at the ground, insects and grass all day.  You choose.

Rice Protein, Hemp Protein and Soy Protein – These are all grains and are cultivated in fields.  The key is here that those fields are free of pesticides, herbicides, and are not grown using fertilizers. Another really important point is genetic modification (GMO). Soybeans are one of the most popular genetically modified crops around. Be aware of this as you read labels.

Other Health Considerations for Protein Powders

Other things that can contribute or take away from healthy protein are the following.  Added salts, starches, yeasts, gluten, corn, preservatives, sweeteners, and general fillers.  If the food doesn’t serve a real purpose then you likely don’t want to have it in there.

Often times less is more. Go for the ingredients you know are going to serve your body. If you are worried about taste, trust me when I say you can develop a taste for almost anything!

The last factor is how the protein is processed.  Raw, low temperature processing keeps your protein as close to it’s natural state as possible.  This keeps the natural enzymes intact that help you to digest your food and gives you the unadulterated building blocks your body needs.

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